Human Resources

The contribution of the human factor constitutes a foundation stone in the smooth operation and success of our company.

By following the European pattern, based on clear lines and a disciplined operational policy with absolute respect for the customer, friendly service and high standards of cleanliness & hygiene, we treat our customer as our first priority.

Our Associates
  • We are honest, consistent, trustworthy and responsible in the pursuit of organizational goals and managerial actions.
  • We cultivate the desire and energy of people to identify with and buy into the success of the organization.
  • We provide people with opportunities for: achievement, responsibility, recognition, interesting and meaningful work, growth and advancement.
  • Our associates are critical to our success.
Management & Training

Throughout our experience we are fully knowledgeable of what works and what does not. We have experimented, tested, corrected and applied in practice various theories on which we currently rely the daily operation of our stores and continue to operate in exactly the same way, taking into consideration even the smallest detail in every store and in each region where we are physically present.


If you wish to work with us in one of these positions, please send your CV to email:

  • Baker
  • Sales
  • Barista