Where Passion for Flavour Leads Us…

The excellent quality of raw materials and fresh materials, the specialized and experienced staff, are the combination that expresses our absolute professionalism and passion for amazing flavours, while guaranteeing sophisticated catering services for every event, social or corporate.

We offer a variety of delicious choices in our menu, inspired by Greek, Mediterranean, and International cuisine, while the presentation is made in a pioneering station buffet.

With a fine organization, we organize banquets in your area of choice, in professional spaces, multipurpose buildings, estates and houses.

We undertake and secure, without your own concern but always according to your wishes, the tasteful success of your event and the excellent service of your guests.

At the same time, EXI is active in the wholesale market by supplying with its products a wide range of businesses such as hotels and all types of commercial enterprises.

We undertake day-to-day partnerships for staff and corporate executives, catering for multi-day conferences and seminars, corporate parties with cocktail and finger food, as well as fixed-term partnerships.

We undertake the complete organization of social events with exquisite sweet and savory finger food whether it is held in a property, hall or multi-hall or at your place and regardless of number of individuals.

In addition to the preparation and delivery of the food and beverages you desire, we also undertake the following services: provision of table tops and all the necessary utensils not neglecting the necessary human resources for the best service of your guests.

Regarding your particular needs and preferences (for example, vegetarian options), we have the flexibility to prepare for you a personalized proposal.

In addition to the above, we also prepare the necessary pastries, all types of confectionery that you wish to flavour your event and, finally, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of your choice.

“EXI” has in recent years implemented a significant number of corporate events for both the Private and the Public sector.

Each professional event must have its own, special taste that fits both the participants’ personalities as well as the theme & agenda of each event.

We create special menus for any kind of professional event. Whether it is a scientific conference, an educational seminar, or even for a more relaxed corporate event such as ┬áNew Year’s Eve, the menu and the flavours proposed are definitely one of the key factors of a successful professional event.

We undertake the catering for your private reception or party, wherever you wish us to do. Whether it’s a special social occasion with many guests like marriage, baptism, or for an official dinner or dinner for a few, we can offer you the delicacies and drinks you desire, with responsibility and consistency.

The special occasion menu can consist of fine finger food, delicious dishes, or a buffet. You have the opportunity to choose between traditional or modern recipes of Greek cuisine and creative Mediterranean suggestions with sophisticated touches of the International cuisine.

Our company has implemented a number of similar events in houses, cottages, villas, other private areas and outside churches after a wedding or baptism ceremony.

In EXI we offer a wide variety of menus (finger food & buffet) that suits every occasion. We serve every type of “tasty” celebration of your family, such as party, reception or post-ceremony, regardless of the number of people and location. More specifically, we undertake:

  • Reception at your home
  • Reception at a hall / farm
  • “Sweet” treat to your guests after the ceremony at the church
  • Finger food buffet outside the church

Alternatively, if you want to present something more personal and special, EXI’s executive chef can prepare a “custom-made” menu tailor made to your exact needs and preferences. Whether you want to hold a very personal event or a big event, EXI can ensure that you will taste your guests with style in celebration.

EXI is able to offer excellent and innovative products in a wide range of choices that can respond to the ever-changing taste of consumer tastes.