There is a daily habit that listens to the name “EXI”. A part of modern life that offers us happiness and helps us enjoy the joy of each moment.

They are the people who remind you of the good side of life and bring out your best self from within. They are the ones who in their presence create an environment that inspires you.

Thus, the idea of ​​creating an overall experience of repeated enjoyment was born, which got flesh and bone under the name “EXI” inspired by the ancient Greek word “exis” – the habit of the repetition of an act.

As you enter the door step of “EXI”, you will immediately feel its cosy breeze blending with the authentic pure tastes and the warm hospitality it offers.

The earthy colours, the warmth of the wood, the well-lit lighting, the joyful atmosphere, the scents that stirs you up, but especially the original smiles from the staff and the companions of all ages that their familiarity in the area immediately illuminates the reasons for which “EXI” Is the stamping ground of all ages & the point of reference of the South Suburbs for every hour of the day.

Everyone regardless of age, those who are looking for the quality of homemade flavours and aromas, those who wish to taste pure products not as a necessity but as a real pleasure and to live moments of relaxation in a modern yet homely, elegant but also alternative, timeless environment, flexible to meet the needs of even the most demanding consumer, making it an integral part of their everyday life.

The all-day meeting point offers options for every hour of the day. In “EXI” you will taste excellent coffee and rich breakfast suggestions, coffee & lunch break tasty suggestions and unforgettable aperitifs for moments of relaxation after the office or during the weekend. It’s your “everyday habit” that you want to come back to, after combining everything that matters: the incredible atmosphere, impeccable service and fantastic taste suggestions.

Ideal for take away every morning before the office, for a lunch break from your professional duties, for a brief business meeting, for a stopover between shopping for relaxation, for getting the necessary home-made bakery, for choosing sweet temptations for the Sunday family table or for your visit to any social occasion, for enjoying on the spot a family breakfast gathering, for a coffee between friends, for a refreshing stop for ice cream for the children, for a quick natural detox juice for self-toning after the gym, for the daily morning reading of the newspaper, for a light lunch, an afternoon aperitif among friends, a daily loose glass of wine with partners from work, or even to plan the tasty organization of each of your special occasions from your birthday to your corporate event, are some of the reasons why you can visit the EXI.

ΕXI – Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to establish EXI in the consciousness of the consumer as the trademark of their beloved “DAILY HABIT “as a result of the combination of quality, care, integrity, reliability, hard work and joy that we are given by the small pleasures and moments of life.

Our mission is the maximum possible coverage of dietary needs of even the most demanding consumer, offering at the same time new taste experiences in a truly “cosy” home-like environment ensuring the daily enjoyment that only at EXI one could find.

EXI – Our Values

The Customer is “our primary focus and priority” in everything we do

 We Actively listen, respond promptly and we are honest.

  • We Act with integrity, credibility, passion and professionalism.
  • We strive for positive influence & energy in everything we do through our products, our store management, our relations with our customers, our partners & suppliers, and through our daily contribution in social responsibility issues.
  • We have the “Know How” and we engage ourselves in satisfying the needs & preferences of each & everyone who shows trust & preference in EXI brand.
  • We Invest in Human Relations & Together We Grow.
  • We work hard every day to maintain our own identity and to offer services with a “face”.
ΕXI – Quality Control

Primary principle & commitment of EXI is to provide its customers with products that fully meet both contractual and sensitive consumer requirements, to comply with the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements of the competent authorities and to achieve the goals set by the company, regarding the safety and quality of its products towards the end customer.

For this reason we choose our raw materials, ingredients as well as packaging materials with a sense of responsibility, while keeping records of suppliers’ specifications and certificates. We make sure that the conditions of production, storage, transport and display of our products comply with international practices.

We invest in information and training of our staff while providing all the resources required to maintain and continually improve our Food Safety and Quality System, HACCP & ISO as defined in the relevant European regulation, according to which EXΙ ensures that all stages of it’s production process are under the control & requirements set by the European and National legislation.